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2 x TEREX GM models-1/40 33-07 Hauler/72-70 Loader

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  • Loader - Wheeled
  • Dump Truck
  • Mining
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Are you a “Big Green Iron” Fan?” I certainly am,  and have been since the mid 60’s!!!.... and for sale here is a custom  "TEREX Collection” comprising:


  • 1 x Terex 71-71 Loader
  • 1 x Terex 3307 Mining Dump Truck 


Original "matched" Terex Paint from both Manufacturers (NZG and Gescha)....have you noticed how many different "Terex Green" colors there are!???...sometimes it seems like there's a different one for every model!!!...
  • This is a carefully "matched" pair (same TEREX Green color and shade)

 Terex 71-71) The 72-71 was a Terex designed machine. It was the smaller brother to an earlier Euclid designed prototype, the Euclid 71-80 (later to become the Terex production model 72-81). Euclid had begun preparatory designs on a big wheel loader as far back as 1965.with experimental machines built between 1966 and 1967. Following successful trials, Euclid intended to enter full production as the model 72-80, but following GM’s renaming of the Euclid earthmoving division to Terex in 1968, the decision was made to keep the designation all in the “1” family and the 72-80 became the 72-81. The new 72-81 wheel loader was officially introduced to the public in February 1969.


Loader Features:


  • Newly added Fully "glazed" cabin with tinted windows
  • Authentic Terex replica decals applied, and sealed with gloss clear coat throughout


Terex 3307 Mining Dump Truck. The “33 Series’ refers to the engineering number assigned to the Rear-Dump product line. The first p[prototype was built in March 1971, with production deliveries beginning in July 1972. The 40 ton capacity hauler was powered by a GM Detroit Diesel rated at 525 gross hp.




  • Fully steerable
  • Fully functional “Dump-bed” tilt to 55 degrees
  • Newly added fully functional, articulating mud flaps (4)
  • Authentic Euclid replica decals applied, and sealed with gloss clear coat throughout




No Box(es). I will ship internationally, and pack carefully to avoid damage. No returns accepted but covered under eBay Guarantee. Payment by PayPal within 3 days of acceptance.