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2 x 1/50 EUCLID Mining Dump Trucks - R-85B & R-35

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  • Mining
  • Dump Trucks
Euclid Green
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Custom Refurbished


Are you a “Big Green Iron” Fan?” I certainly am, and have been since the mid-60’s!!!.... and for sale here are 2 custom "Euclid" Models comprising:

  • 1 x Euclid R-35 Dump Truck 
  • 1 x Euclid R-85B Mining Dump Truck. Rated at a capacity of over 93 tons, the R-85B could carry a heaped load of 57 cu yds, powered by a Cummins Diesel engine rated at 700 gross hp. They, and a full line of off road haulers are currently produced under the “Euclid” name by the VME group (Volvo, Michigan, and Euclid) 
Both models painted in original "Euclid Lite Green" colors from manufacturer... 

Both Models features include:
  • Fully functional Steering 
  • Fully functional“Dump-bed” tilt to 50 degrees 
  • Painted railings at cabin level (R-85B )
  • Newly added and painted railings (R-35) 
  • Newly added, custom articulating mud flaps (2)
  • Authentic Euclid replica decals applied, and sealed with gloss clear coat throughout 
Item(s) are used, (Display Only). Beautiful custom models in excellent condition! No Box.I will ship and pack carefully to avoid damage.