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1/40 Gescha TEREX GM 72-71 Loader custom paint w adds!!

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  • Loader - Wheeled
  • Mining
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Custom Refurbished


Are you a “Big Green Iron” Fan?” I certainly am,  and have been since the mid 60’s!!!.... and for sale here form my TEREX Collection is:

  •  1 x TEREX 72-71 Loader

Custom Paint:


  1. Matched to original Terex Paint colors
  2. Up to 3 coats depending upon application, including clearcote  seal
TEREX 72-71 Loader features:
  1. newly added Fully "glazed" cabin with tinted windows 
  2. Authentic "GM Terex" replica decals applied, protected by gloss clear coat throughout 
  3. Hollowed-out Exhaust stack 
No Box. I will ship to internationally , and pack carefully to avoid damage. No returns accepted, but covered under eBay Guarantee. Payment by PayPal within 3 days of acceptance. 

Shipping Costs include:
  • Shipping to Contiguous US and Insurance

History. Euclid had begun preparatory designs on a big wheel loader as far back as 1965. Several experimental machines were built between 1966 and 1967 powered by the naturally aspirated GM 8V-71 and the turbocharged GM 8V-71T but during testing didn’t quite meet up to the expectations of the designers. A revision to one of the later designs introduced the turbocharged GM 12V-71 engine into the mix and Euclid suddenly had itself a performer. 

A small batch of trial machines were constructed to be field tested at GM’s Milford proving ground. These were known by the factory as the Euclid model L-X. Following successful trials, Euclid intended to put the new wheel loader into full production as the model 72-80, but following GM’s renaming of the Euclid earthmoving division to Terex in 1968, the decision was made to keep the designation all in the “1” family and the 72-80 became the 72-81.It was intended for opencast mining, bulk stockpiling and large earthmoving projects. The new 72-81 wheel loader was officially introduced to the public in February 1969.The machine remained in production until 1982 when it was replaced by the totally redesigned but smaller Terex Model 90C. Manufactured only in Terex/GM’s Hudson, Ohio plant, the 72-81 was exported worldwide with total production amounting to approximately 450 units.

The 72-81 remains the largest loaders ever manufactured by Euclid/Terex. (Extract from an article written by Richard Campbell in Contractor Magazine - March 2016)