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1/40 EUCLID Corgi CUSTOM TC-12 "Pusher" in EUCLID Green - NEW RELEASE !!!

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Equipment Types:
  • Bulldozer
  • Mining
Euclid Green
Model Maker:
  • Euclid
custom Refurbished, as NEW


ONLY available in limited quantities!!

This refurbished custom Corgi model has been fully refurbished (cleaning, prep, and repainting in original and authentic original colors). **New 3D printed parts comprise the addition of a working Pusher Blade system (from the Euclid original), new exhaust pipes, driver controls, and seat.

Paint. Colors. This model has been extensively researched and custom painted in the authentic and original colors of the manufacturer, and can be ordered in 1 of 2 color options:     

Euclid TC-12 “Pusher” in authentic Euclid “Hi-Lite” Green, and /or

Euclid TC-12 “Pusher” in authentic Terex Green

**New 3D printed parts. In addition to the working “pusher” blade, hydraulics and supports, also included are custom controls for the driver, including central control column and levers, operation dials, foot pedals, gear selectors, seats, and exhaust stacks.

New Decals. New and authentic decals have been added as appropriate.

** All new 3D printed parts have been custom designed and produced by Mr. Stephen Colucci.

Shipping: Worldwide shipping available + insurance, and tracking required